This website covers a great number of families, mainly from the South-Western part of The Netherlands: the parents of the webmaster of this site and his parents-in-law: De Meijer, Van Haelst, Van Dorsser, Maasdam, but also the families found in the pedigree of all these families. Some of these families have their own entry in this site like Van Haelst, Van Waes and Puylaert. Names that are often referred to in the Dutch Flanders are: Thomaes, Haverbeke, Cortvriendt, Sturm, Wijffels, Dossche, Cammaert, Calon, Van Acker, etc.. Related to Van Dorsser and Maasdam in the area West and Sout-West of Rotterdam are: Stehouwer, van Schouwen, Dirkzwager.