Villages and Farms of the Maasdam Family

The main activity on the Hoekse Waard island was agriculture. The members of the family Maasdam were mostly farmers or had professions related to agriculture such as miller or cooper. Some of the farms in the family are amoung the most prestigeous and beautiful in the region.



The Maasdams that emigrated to the United States of America have their roots in the villages of Strijen, Numansdorp and finally Zuid-Beijerland from where Johannes Bastiaansz, his sisters Jaapje and Pietertje and Jacobus Gerritsz left for America.


Millerstreet, Strijen


Millerstreet in Strijen



Village of Zuid-Beijerland also called "Hitzert".


Street in Zuid-Beijerland


Main street of Zuid-Beijerland (Dorpstraat 185) with Trijntje Johanna Maasdam (1886-1968).




Farmstead "Dijkenzicht" (View on the dykes), 2e Dwarsweg, Numansdorp. Built short after 1642. Sold by Lady Cicilia de Jonge van Ellemeet to farmers who later became related to the family. Photo dated 1925.


Farm Goede Verwachting


Farmstead "Goede Verwachting" (Good Hope). Built probably before 1800. Since 1909 in the Maasdam family.




Farmstead "Philipsburg", Middelweg 27, Numansdorp. Built by Philips van Cromstrijen after the reclamation of the polderland in 1642. Owned by Lord Van Waspik and farmed by Johannes Maasdam (1660-1732), his son Isaak (1714-1787), his grandson Pieter (1751-1803, who bought the farmstead in property from the Van Waspiks), his great-grandson Johannes (1790-1875), mayor of Numansdorp 1811-1817, and his great-great-grandson Johannes, married to Lena Herweijer who, when she became a widow, sold the farm to the De Waal family in 1889.


Molen Hellevoetsluis


Mill at Helvoetsluis bought by Johannes Arieszoon Maasdam in 1913. Later operated by his younger brother Hermen and his son Arie until 1976.


Hoeve Buitendijk


Farmstead "Buitendijk" (Outside the dyke) in Strijen-Sas. Since 200 years in hands of the family Niemandsveriet. In 1903 Pieter Niemandsverdriet married Trijntje Maasdam, granddaughter of Arie Maasdam (1813-1891) from Numansdorp.


Hoeve Schenkeldijk


Farmstead Schenkeldijk 83, Strijen. Built early 18th century. Maria Maasdam, married to Rokus Wiekert Dam lived and farmed here early 20th century.


Description of the Coats of Arms: The printed version has a silver background, 2 green ears of corn (wheat) and black (swimming) birds. The Arms of the Family Maasdam are mentioned and described in the Register of Family Arms in The Hague.

Besides on the grave tomb of Arien Lenertszn, the Arms are still found on the gates of farms in the area of Maasdam that were or still are in hands of the family. All the direct descendants of Arien Lenertszn have the right to bear the Arms and rings with Arms. That means all those who have the name Maasdam (including Marsden).

Het Geslacht Maasdam

Source: M.A.M. Dam-Mast en A.P. van den Hoek, Het Geslacht Maasdam, Strijen / Puttershoek 1986, ISBN 90-9001230-3
On the left is a summary of the first not numbered pages of the introduction of the book "Het Geslacht Maasdam" (The Family Maasdam) by M.A.M. Dam-Mast en A.P. van den Hoek.
Notes are added by Tom de Meijer, the author of this site, who is married to Mieke van Dorsser, daughter of Jacoba Maria Maasdam.

Parts of the book with the Preface in English, the Introduction is Dutch and the branch of Pella in English can be downloaded here.