Van Dorsser

The History of the Family Van Dorsser, including De Haas van Dorsser, starts with Thonis Thonisz, farmer at Dubbeldam, born in Sliedrecht in the year 1600. He died in Dordrecht. The following 4 generations were ship’s carpenters and wood traders untill the end of the 18th century. Dordrecht was an important harbour, as can be seen on the picture by Hendrik de Meyer II. Adrianus Stephanusz van Dorsser (VI th generation, 1777 – 1843), born in Dordrecht, became a fiscal inspector in Dinxperlo and Budel. His son Johannis Adrianus settled as “Oeconoom” (farmer) on the island of Rozenburg. First on farmstead “Zeerust- en Landrust” and in 1840 on the farm “De Zuiderhoeve”. His grand-grandson Johannes Adrianus Cornelus continued farming on the island untill 1966 on the farmstead “Bouw- en Veelust”. Johannis’ brother Jacob Cornelis had already started as farmer-owner on Rozenburg in 1834. His son Hubrecht de Haas van Dorsser, born in 1836, adopted, as the only of the children, the name of his mother Jannetje de Haas. Other branches of the family stayed in Dordrecht or emigrated to North- and South America or Australia.

Martin van Dorsser met z'n paard

Adrianus Martinus van Dorsser (1886-1948) with one of his horses on his farmstead "Bouw- en Veelust", Zandweg 20 in Rozenburg. His son Johannes worked this beautiful farm until it was expropriated for the extension of Rotterdam harbour in the sixties of the 20th century.


Until 1958 Rozenburg was an island situated between The Nieuwe Waterweg (the waterway to Rotterdam) in the north and the Brielse Maas in the south. In that year preparations started to convert the island in a vast industrial area with seaharbours, connecting waterways and roads. Although the village of Rozenburg remained as a habitat for the many people working in the port and industry, all of the farmers were expropriated and the farmsteads, some of them centuries old, dissapeared. The last farms, amoung which "Bouw en Veldlust" of Johan van Dorsser, were demolished in 1966.


The family is well described in a family tree published in 1928 by Centraal Bureau Genealogie (CBG, Central Bureau of Genealogy, The Hague) in 'Nederland´s Patriciaat', 18e jaargang, 1928/29, page. 46 and by additional research at the CBG, The Hague by J.A.C. van Dorsser, Rozenburg, NL with contributions by A.P. van den Hoek. Big parts of this family tree are published under the menu 'Pedigree'.

We are now in the process of completing the branches that emigrated to North- and South America (especially Canada and Argentina), Australia and New Zealand. If you are  descendant of one of those emigrants, please contact us and /or send the information as mentioned on this page.