The South-West of The Netherlands
Zeeland, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Zuid-Holland & Hoekse Waard


On the below map, part of a map of the Netherlands made by Janssonius in 1658, the origins of the families in this genealogy are indicated. In the North, on the island of Rozenburg, the Van Dorsser Family with the related familiy Dirkzwager coming from Maasluis on the northern bank of the Niewe Waterweg. In the Hoekse Waard we find the Family Maasdam and its relatives and a little more east the Stehouwer from the Alblasserwaard. The Dutch or Zeelandic Flanders (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) is the origin of the other 2 main branches and their ancestors: De Meijer, Van Haelst and their relatives Remery, Thomaes, Wauters, Haverbeke, etc. It is also the origin of the Puylaert Family (Zuiddorpe), Van Waes and Van Acker (Westdorpe). Click on the map or here to enlarge the picture.


Z-W Nederland


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