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This Genealogy file contains the Pedigree of the children (multi-proband) of Thomas V.M. de Meijer and Maria Elisabeth de Meijer, born Van Dorsser. It contains also large parts of the Family Trees of the families concerned. More in particular of the Family van Haelst since 1320 / 1470 for which the reference numbers of the original Family Tree by Albert A.C. van Haelst are added to the persons mentioned in this file, enabling the owners of that family tree to refer to the corresponding pages. The new numerotation by Dr. Guy van Haelst is also added [between brackets]. References of other family trees are also mentioned in the casr "rn" (reference number) whenever appropriate.


Finally, this Genealogy file spans a large part of what is sometimes referred to as "The Network of Roman Catholic farmers in The Dutch Flanders". By this term is understood a relatively small number of families in the Dutch Flanders that are closely related and of which members are found in many pedigrees of people having their origin in the region. Under the menu Families other family trees are accessible for registered familiemembers, covering partly the same families (Puylaert, Van Waes, Van Acker).


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Index of surnames

Surnames are in alphabetic order without any prefix, thus: 
Meijer, de; Haelst, van ; In Belgium these names would be listed as De Meijer, Van Haelst.


Update: 9 January 2016

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Update: 9 January 2016


Family Trees | Stambomen | Arbres Généalogiques

Start Family Tree De Meijer 1667

Start Family Tree Van Haelst 1320

Start Family Tree Van Dorsser 1600

Start Family Tree Maasdam 1500

Karel de Grote AD 742 | Charlemagne

Signature Charlemagne






Handtekening van Karel de Grote

De Gavere

Het wapen van de familie Van Gavere en Liederkerke

Judoca Burm x Joannes Baptista van Haelst, volg / follow / suivez [KDG] 

afstamming van de familie Van Haelst van Karel de Grote via De Potter, Wittock, Verbraken, Scoenmaekere, van Gavere en Liederkerke


descendance of the Van Haelst family from Charlemagne via De Potter, Wittock, Verbraken, Scoenmaekere, de Gavere and Liederkerke


la déscendance de la famille Van Haelst de Charlemagne via De Potter, Wittock, Verbraken, Scoenmaekere, de Gavre de Liedekerke


Link naar de Heren van Gavere en Liederkerke / Link to de Gavere and Liederkerke / Liens vers de Gavre de Liedekerke >